Bank Of America Merrill Lynch

Both Sophie and Sandy captivated the audience by providing clear examples of team work, leadership skills and mental resilience that allowed them to reach their goal of crossing the Antarctic ahead of schedule. Important skills that are applicable in a business environment. It was great to hear their experiences delivered in such a candid and humorous manner.
— Kirsty Baxter, Bank of America Merrill Lynch



Not all of us are able to cross Antarctica, but we all engage in projects that require planning and preparation, and an understanding of our team’s strengths and weaknesses. Their talk focused on the role teamwork plays in achieving your objective and this was a language we all understood.
— Suzanna Joy, Arup

Bromsgrove School

“It is one thing to have a story to tell, quite another to tell it well. Sophie and Sandy are not only courageous but also captivating. They tailored the account of their extraordinary achievement to suit everyone, from wide-eyed Year 3 pupils to admiring adults. Delivered with humility and an endearing honesty, theirs is an inspiring story.”
— Peter Clague, Headmaster


I have had the pleasure of seeing Sophie and Sandy present on a number of occasions and I cannot recommend them enough. Their story is obviously very inspirational, but it’s their ability to bring the tale to life with honest and candid insight that makes their presentations so engaging.
— Stefania Farrugia, AECOM

Business Analysis Conference 2018

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