'How I deal with having impostor syndrome'

Michelle Obama's remarks about impostor syndrome - a term used to describe feelings of insecurity or self-doubt, despite there being no evidence to support such a belief - have inspired others to share their experiences. When Sophie Montagne applied to be a part of the Ice Maiden expedition in Antarctica, she didn't think she would make the cut…

7 Tips That Could Save Your Life

Polar bears? Frostbite? Red Bull asked explorers who've visited the iciest ends of the earth to give us a few cunning pointers for staying in one piece.


The Fix Podcast with Michelle King

On this episode, you’ll hear about the Ice Maiden team’s record-breaking expedition which showcased the power of women working together to overcome insurmountable odds. Nics and Sophie will share the life lessons they both learned when it comes to teamwork, leadership skills and mental resilience — which each of us can apply to working life…

Proved in Antarctica: women are just as physically tough as men

After testing a group of six British female soldiers who trekked across Antarctica, researchers found that they showed no more negative health effects than would be expected in men.

Documentary: the Ice Maiden story

Documentary telling the Ice Maiden story, from selecting a team in Wales to training in Arctic Norway and eventually crossing Antarctica. Features post-expedition interviews with the team and previously unseen footage. Duration: 25mins.

Channel 4 News with Cathy Newman

They have well and truly earned their titles as Ice Maidens: six British soldiers have made history by becoming the first all-female team to cross Antarctica using muscle power alone. Major Nics Wetherill and Lance Sergeant Sophie Montagne explain how they did it…

Ice Maidens: All-female expedition makes history by completing 1,056-mile trek on foot

A group of British Army soldiers has become the first all-female expedition to trek across Antarctica on foot…

London woman trains for first all-female coast-to-coast Antarctic ski

A London woman has been dragging a tyre to work through the capital in preparation for the first all-female attempt to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica. Londoners have taken to social media to comment on the bizarre sight of a woman dragging a tyre covered in Christmas lights around landmark sites…  


How the Archers helped the 'Ice Maidens' become first all-female group to cross Antarctic on foot

For many, all they need to endure to be rewarded with an omnibus of The Archers is a week’s work. But for a team of female British soldiers, the promise of catching up on the going-ons in Ambridge was the light at the end of a merciless, soul-sapping slog to become the first all-female group to cross Antarctica unsupported…